5 Points to Consider when Shopping for a Parallel Imported Car

If you want to get your favorite brand of automobile without spending hefty amounts, parallel importers in Singapore would be the perfect resource to consider. Parallel importers will get you brand new vehicles from other countries that ship the automobiles at a cheaper rate compared to the prices charged by the car dealers in the country. This will help you drive a brand-new car at a much better rate compared to buying the same from a regular dealer. Here are few points to consider when shopping for a parallel imported car in order to enjoy the best deals.

#1 Availability

Car Availability

When you contact a parallel importer, you would want a specific model car from a specific brand. You need to make sure that the parallel importer has the vehicle of your choice available. If you are asked to wait for a real long period, which could be even longer than the wait-period for a model that has a huge demand with an authorized dealer near you, you should check with another parallel importer in the country.

#2 Warranty

Warranty on car registration plate keyring

Warranty is another factor that you should consider while shopping with parallel importers. If you choose one of the most reliable parallel importers in Singapore, you will be provided with a specific warranty which will help you minimize risks during your usage. You should get the details of the warranty and understand the mileage that will be covered and/or the duration of it as well.

#3 Price

Car price

Before making the purchase it would be best to compare the prices with the best parallel importers in Singapore. Different importers offer different price tags for automobiles. Once you finalize on the brand and model of the automobile you want, you will be able to enjoy the best rates by comparing with multiple dealers. Depending on the model of your choice, one of the parallel importers in the country might be offer you special rates compared to others. This depends on the tie-ups the importers have with the vehicle manufacturing unit in a different country. You will hence get the best deal when you shop around and compare the rates.

#4 Accessories

car Accessories

Some of the parallel importers will provide you with extra accessories while making a purchase. Availability of this offer will be an added advantage as you will get to enjoy better drives in the car that you buy. Having luxurious leather interiors or getting the latest music player will definitely help you enjoy your rides better. Check with the parallel importer you’re dealing with and ask them for the best offers on accessories to enjoy maximum benefits out of each and every buck spent.

#5 Extra services

car Extra services

If you are planning to avail auto finance to buy the car, you might need assistance in getting a good deal. Choosing a parallel importer that offer assistance in getting a car finance deal will definitely ease things out for you. The importer might be able to complete the documentations much more easily compared to you getting it done yourself. The dealer might also be able to get you the best interest rates. This again will be a huge advantage which you shouldn’t miss out!


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